Cabins customized for any necessity


The design process is a journey, using the distinguishing qualities of the land, its form, and vegetation to guide the design of your cabin.As a translator of the language of design, James artfully synthesizes the plans into the realm of the possible. As a landowner you can expect James to carry out the disciplines of design which includes analysis, measurement, investigation of building and material options, and the combining of natural and developed systems. The layers of design are organized through construction documents and management to ensure a smooth and efficient construction process to meet our project's vision and budget.

Our services include:

  • Modern Cabins | 800 - 2,000 sf
  • Modern Outbuildings | 200 – 700 sf
  • Green Roof Cabins
  • Cabins for Heavy Snow Loads
  • Cabins for Environmentally Sensitive Locations
  • Standard Designs
  • Site Design
  • Master Planning
  • Healing Spaces
  • Contact us to find solutions tailored to your needs